(AFGSC Proposal) Nuclear & Conventional Ops Planning Support
BAE Systems Information Solutions
Shreveport, LA 71110 United States

BAE Systems will be supporting a set of IDIQ requirements for the stand-up and sustainment of the new Air Force Global Strike Command at Barksdale AFB, LA.   As we await the final RFP, we are proactively looking for candidates that would be interested in employment opportunities at this location.  Since it is a proposal effort, positions would be dependent upon BAE Systems winning the proposal.  

The AFGSC will control all USAF nuclear-capable bombers, missiles, and personnel.  The Command,  which stood up on 7 August 2009, is responsible for defining, training, sustaining, and evaluating the capabilities supporting the missions for providing global nuclear and conventional global strike forces; which includes Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), B52 bomber, and B2 bomber forces.  A time-phased transition of the assigned forces from current Air Force Major Commands (MAJCOM) exists with the ICBM forces transitioning on 1 December 2009 and bomber forces on 1 February 2010.  Concurrent with these transitions is the need to write, coordinate, and approve AFGSC Supplements to Air Force Instructions (AFI) early enough to allow transitioning units to understand, prepare, and implement upon their transition to AFGSC.  In addition, the generation of various other supplements, identification and generation of training materials, identification of the required AFGSC information technology (IT) architecture, and monitoring the development of programs, all of which are not directly tied to the transition plan will further AFGSC’s capabilities towards meeting the nuclear and conventional global strike missions.  

BAE Systems will provide the following categories of services under this contract:

  • Support Bomber Operations
    • Assist in tracking and analyzing trends, user requirements, and other key issues used in developing critical documentation to support bomber (B-2/B-52) requirements. Provide expertise for all current and future AFGSC assigned nuclear/strategic bomber force applications operations. Originate policy, procedures, and budgetary support to wings with operational AFGSC bomber missions.  Track, analyze, and report AFGSC bomber force capabilities, vulnerabilities, and availability to support the nation’s nuclear war and global strike/deterrence plans. Review and implement nuclear guidance and policy relating to nuclear bomber platforms. Assist in the determination of the effectiveness of AFGSC bomber employment tactics. Attend nuclear meetings, conferences, as applicablePerform security scans
  • Special Technical Office and Information Operations
    • Assist with establishment and management of STO standup to include SCIF, SAP/SAR programs. Assist in the management of the Special Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) and operational access to Special Access Program/Special Access Required (SAP/SAR) programs. Act as focal point for deception programs, Operations Security (OPSEC), Psychological Operations (PSYOPS), and Special Technical Operations (STO). Provide Planning and Decision Aid System (PDAS) Management. Assist in the identification, derivation, coordination, management and development of applicable CJCS, AF, MAJCOM, NAF, and wing instructions and manualsWriting IA Processes
  • Aviation Operations and Scheduling
    • Provide on-site technical and analytical assistance to bomber scheduling program issues and questions.  This includes preparation of background papers, briefing slides, and participation in and preparation of responses.  The contractor shall assist in tracking and analyzing trends, user requirements, and other key issues and in developing critical documentation to support bomber scheduling requirements.  Through CAF SIPT, nominate bomber forces in support of GDF and Global Force Management (GFM) taskings. Assistance fulfilling MAJCOM FAM responsibilities described in AFI 10-401, Air Force Operations Planning and Execution. Assist the AFGSC OPR for all aerial event activities in accordance with AFI 11-246, Air Force Aircraft Demonstrations and AFI 11-209, Aerial Events Policy and Procedures, to evaluate requests, approve/coordinate aviation participation, and provide a single POC in the Operations directorate for all command participation in military and public events, in coordination with ACC. Provide organized, analytical assessments
  • Operational Weather
    • Assist A3BW branch to establish a Weather Operations Branch, designated HQ AFGSC/A3BW, which will provide staff weather officers for weather support matters. Assist with the direction of weather operations on the AFGSC BS/CAT.  Provide airfield, mission, and staff weather operation expertise. Assist with the development of policy, plans, and requirements for weather support to NAFs and wings. Provide assistance with the management of resources to meet operational requirements of AF components in support of USSTRATCOM. Provide assistance to establish and publish standards and evaluate the effectiveness of assigned weather units. Develop integrated weather concepts, resource requirements, and plans for emerging systems. Evaluate new weather forecasting and reporting techniques and equipment for operational applications. Provide weather training and SAV program support, STAND/EVAL inspections and AFGSC IG augmentation as required. Ensure weather systems integration into C4ISR architectures, including machine-to-machine (M2M) weather/weather effects information, and AOC weather capabilities. Provide site Activation Task Force (SATAF)/Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) assistance and expertise for weather-related issues on AFGSC installations. Responsible for the development, review, validation and substantiation of current and long-range programs to support AF ISR worldwide mission objectives.  The contractor must develop and recommend comprehensive guidance and/or policy concerning civilian ISR human resource and force management issues and programs. 
    • Bomber and ICBM Operations, Training, STAND/EVAL, Weapons and Tactics
      • Assist the A3T division to develop, coordinate and publish AFGSC direction and guidance for formal and operational training, air weapons, tactics, Special Access Required and Electronic Combat (EC) programs for ICBM, B-2, B-52, and UH-1N/CVLSP forces.  Act as focal point for associated aircraft Mission Design Series (MDS) and aircrew Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) management. Provide information and expertise for command authorization, distribution, monitoring, administration, waiver authority, and disposition of training devices and programs.  Assist with management of realistic training programs to meet USAF and AFGSC training standards using Instructional Systems Development (ISD). Provide guidance, interpretation, and assistance to units on ISD concepts and practices. Conduct and/or attends planning conferences to develop training objectives, transportation, beddown, scenarios, and execution details. Provide expertise in development of specific training policy and programs for command requirements and priorities. Provide expertise Managing EC equipment, including allocation, software and Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming (EWIR) process. Provide expertise for weapons delivery tactics and procedures. Direct activities encompassing evolution, beddown, and deployment of high-priority, classified special access Air Force programs. Provide configuration management oversight for all Training Devices (TD).
    • Flight Management and Training:
      • Assist the A3TA branch supervise day-to-day operations of the Air Force Operations Resource Management System (AFORMS) and ensures compatibility with unit flight management, scheduling and squadron functions; focal point for all improvements, modifications and updates to AFORMS.  Administer flight management policy for all AFGSC rated resources.
    • Bomber Operations Training: 
      • Assist A3TO branch in flight management and training matters.  Assist with establishment and publishing of B-2 and B-52 Realistic Training and serve, if designated the B-2 and B-52 Realistic Training Functional Area Manager (FAM).  Review formal training issues and courses; draft, coordinate, and provide expertise on command training waiver requests. Manage Ready Aircrew Program (RAP) standards and reporting for AFGSC assigned bomber aircrew. If required, serve as AFGSC representative at Realistic Training Review Boards (RTRB). Provide expertise and be prepared to serve as AFGSC operations command lead for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) matters. Oversee USAF Homeland Defense/Civil Support CONOPS, CBRNE Consequence Management Response Force (CCMRF) training requirements. Organize and execute Strategic Nuclear Action Group (SNAG) conferences.
    • MAJCOM Personnel Reliability Program: 
      • Assist the A3TR branch ensure compliance with policies and procedures for medical evaluation of PRP candidates and personnel, medical aspects of PRP administration, and rehabilitation programs. Conduct periodic and special reviews of the effectiveness of PRP medical policies, standards, and procedures. Assist the branch to ensure only those AFGSC personnel who have demonstrated highest degree of individual reliability for allegiance, trustworthiness, conduct, behavior, and responsibility are permitted to perform duties associated with nuclear weapons, and continuously evaluated for adherence to PRP standards. Assist with the administration of the PRP program
      • Assist the A3TV branch in developing a plan to support AFGSC operational STAND/EVAL requirements. Conduct evaluation functions to assist in the overall management and oversight of AFGSC STAND/EVAL program and establish responsibility for implementation of the program as outlined in requisite instructions for active duty, ANG and AFRC units. Provide staff coordination on matters relating to STAND/EVAL program.
    • Weapons and Tactics:
      • Assist the A3TW branch oversight of  tactics development IAW AFI 11-260, Tactics Development Program. Normalize conventional bomber tactics development and documentation with CAF. Provide guidance to subordinate units on submission of tactics for the annual Tactics Review Board (TRB). Organize and conducts an annual AFGSC Weapons and Tactics Conference. Assist with management and allocation of munitions and self-protection chaff and flares. Organize and conducts an annual TRB. Liaison with the USAF Weapons School, 325, 328 and 340 Weapons Squadrons, and advocates for their concerns to AFGSC and HAF. Oversee funding for Weapons Instructors Course (WIC) content related to AFGSC. Manage and processes selection packages for 325, 328 and 340 Weapons Squadrons nominees.
    • ICBM Current Operations

§         Manage the ICBM Missile Alert Facility (MAF) Management and Maintenance Program.  Serve as the ICBM FAM for command’s SORTS program. Provide operational inputs and requirements to the command force applications mission area plan.  The contractor shall serve as the Command focal point for ICBM current operations.  Develop concepts, policies, and standards, and coordinates requirements for ICBM crew force.

    • Helicopter Operations -  

§         Serve as functional manager for AFSPC helicopter flight operations and rated management. Develop policy and guidance for operation of the command’s UH-1N/CVLSP helicopters.  The contractor shall manage the helicopter flying hour, aircrew life support, training and STAND/EVAL programs. Ensure all requirements associated with the weapon system receive comprehensive and equitable consideration IAW AFPD 10-9.

    • Nuclear Command, Control, and Communication: 
      • Assist  the A3Y branch in scheduling, executing and evaluating strategic communications connectivity tests.  Establish guidance and policy concerning future NC3 plans. Establish, validate, and integrate communications requirements and systems for in-garrison and deployed wing nuclear command and control. Formulate air crew EWO training requirements and policy, ensuring compliance with governing JCS and combatant commander directives. Serve as focal point for nuclear SORTS reporting. Develops NC3 operational procedures (IAW AFI 11-244V1, and Aircrew Communications Handbook). Acts as executive agent for procedures and training of all in-garrison nuclear command and control functions. Provide scheduling, training and assistance for AFGSC BS/CAT cell Director(s). Provides AFGSC/CC positive and continuous command and control of all AFGSC NC3 nodes and resources.
    • Command Post/Center Crisis Action: 
      • Assist with establishment of AFGSC Command Center.  Have knowledge, experience and ability to perform the following functions.  Develop, coordinate, maintain, and publish all required documents outlining Command Center and Wing Command Post (WCP) policies and procedures in support of Emergency Action Plans (EAP) such as CJCS-EAP, CSAF-EAP and COCOM EAP (if applicable), and operational/readiness reporting requirements in MAJCOM supplements, applicable EAP documents and supplements to AFI 10-206, Operational Reporting.Readiness Exercises:
    • Executive Staff function:

§         Assist the A3E in the carrying out of executive staff functions.

    • USSTRATCOM Detachment Coordination and AFSPC Detachment Coordination
    • Computer Information:  Assist analyze and develop computer software possessing a wide range of capabilities, including numerous engineering, business, and records management functions for the A3 directorate. Develops plans for automated information systems from project inception to conclusion. Analyzes user interfaces, maintain hardware and software performance tuning, analyze workload and computer usage, maintain interfaces with outside systems, analyze downtimes, analyze proposed system modifications, upgrades and new COTS. Analyzes the problem and the information to be processed. Defines the problem, and develops system requirements and program specifications, from which programmers prepare detailed flow charts, programs, and tests.
    • Internet/Web Content: Provide support for developing and providing AFGSC/A3 web-site content that will motivate and satisfy military and civilian user's needs so that they will regularly access the site & utilize it as a major source for information, decision making and benefits delivery. Provide support for maintaining handbook and policies/procedures on the AFGSC web; recommending new and innovative web uses as well as training and educating personnel on the use and benefits of using the Web. Provide support in the location and pursuit of content and surveying internal customers to gather feedback for site improvement and enhancements.
    • Technical, Analytical, Procedural Document Development: Identify, derive, coordinate, manage and develop applicable CJCS, AF, MAJCOM, NAF, and wing instructions and manuals. Develop, draft, coordinate and manage AFGSC instructions, manuals and supplements.

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