RN - Clinical Resource Special Teams - Vascular (Nights)
Children's Medical Center
Dallas, TX United States

GENERAL SUMMARY: Performs the functions of a nurse whose primary mission is assessment, placement, and maintenance of IVs. Specializes in the management and maintenance of central catheters. Proficient in the application of the nursing process.  Promotes collaboration within the health care team through the provision of developmentally appropriate care to patients and families.


Provides proficient care for families utilizing a holistic approach.  Analyzes, interprets, and prioritizes data in order to provide individualized care based upon complex clinical judgement.  Identifies when patient’s condition warrants redefinition of situation.  Responds by changing priorities and revising plan of care on unfolding situation.  Demonstrates mastery of complex nursing care.  Continually evaluates and revises plan through collaboration of care.   Delivers efficient organized care in a constantly changing environment.  Incorporates diverse family system needs and methods of coping into treatment/education plan.

Demonstrates proficient use of communication skills.  Communicates in an accurate, objective manner.  Actions demonstrate assimilation of: verbal/ nonverbal communication.  Anticipates problems and makes recommendations to appropriate personnel.  Coordinates multidisiciplinary collaboration in implementing, evaluating, and revising plan.   Develops conflict resolution skills.

Initiates the development of professional and educational activities.  Identifies areas of educational needs among peers and other health care workers and develops, presents, and evaluates programs to meet those needs.  Establishes and maintains active membership in a professional organization.  Shares, in a formal manner, relevant information gained from professional seminars or conferences.  Participates in the development of policy and practices particularly as it relates to both peripheral and central line management.

Demonstrates proficiency in professional nursing practice.  Continuously evaluates the outcomes of patient care and own professional practice.  Works to improve nursing practice and the outcome of patient care.  Is a member of a hospital wide committee/project task force.  Motivates others to incorporate nursing standards into daily nursing practice.  Identifies teaching/ learning needs for clinical area and is an active teacher for patients and staff.

Incorporates nursing research into clinical practice.  Actively seeks out and utilizes research findings from various sources.  Shares research findings with colleagues in order to improve clinical practice.  Collaborates in the developmen56 and implementation of research and/or quality improvement activities.


 Education, Training, and Experience:

                       1.          Graduate of an accredited school of professional nursing. 

                        2.         Current licensure to practice professional nursing in the State of Texas.

                        3.         Minimum of two years clinical experience preferably in pediatrics.

                        4.         Additional training in the placement and management of IVs.


 Specific Skills and Special Abilities:

Physical and emotional health adequate for attendance requirements and performance of duties which may include,  but is not limited to:  patient assessment, technical and positioning skills in placement of IVs (and {PICCs), pain assessment and management, and rapid recognition and response to emergency situations.

Ability to hear and communicate with others in a clear, understandable, and professional manner.  Must be flexible and adaptable.  Conditions and environment are unpredictable and change frequently.

 Must be able to maintain CPR certification unless an exception is identified.

This job requires the knowledge and skills necessary to provide population specific care appropriate to patients ranging in age from 0 to 18 years.  The individual must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span, must possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patient's status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient's requirements relative to his or her age-specific needs, and must be able to provide the care needed as described in the unit's policies and procedures.


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Job code: 29554